Hi! My name is Jaike and I am a Dutch woman living in Switzerland. Welcome to my website.

As a kid I lived in a house where there always would be yarn and fabric laying around. My mother liked to sew, she knit a lot and crocheting she liked to do as well. Over 30 years later I still remember a lot of the dresses and sweaters she once made for me. My grandmother, who was visiting us at least once a week, always brought something she was knitting, and I remember a lot of afternoons, having tea with her, me playing with my dolls and her sitting on the sofa and knit. So, when I was old enough I started making clothes as well, first for my dolls and later for myself as well. They were far from perfect, but I loved learning and using the skills and coming up with ideas for use of the materials that were available.

After high school instead of following my passion, I decided to do the sensible thing, and go study economics. I found good and fun jobs in them. I could even use my creativity in them, by developing good looking and good workable excel files. In all those years I didn’t sew, knit or crochet at all, being too busy with studying, working and lightly renovating our house.  It wasn’t until after I moved to Switzerland and became a Mother that I started again. First crocheting and after our second was born and I decided to be a full time mother I also went back to sewing. I have found my passion again and now my kids are growing up in a place filled with yarn and fabric as well.

Within a few years I have expanded my machinery and now own a regular Pfaff sewing machine, a Bernina Overlock and Coverlock, a Cricut Expression which I use for decorations for clothes and for paper made gifts and finally a Passap Duomatic knitting machine. The first machines are being used regularly, the last one is a much bigger challenge than I thought it would be. I hope that one day I will be able to finish a wearable garment on it.

With this blog I hope to inspire others to make things, or to buy things that I can make, for which I am working on a store.  I hope you will enjoy reading it! 

Kind regards Jaike